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  • Associate Producer/Project Manager/ Management Consultant


  • GM of Andale Records, Tuff City
  • Agent/In-House Producer at Director's Group / Aestheticom
  • Owner of Fast Lane Management
  • Sr.VP/GM of Carianne Music / Blackheart Records
  • GM of Next Plateau Entertainment
  • President/GM of Flying Records US
  • Columnist for Dazed and Confused
  • VP/GM of Mechanic Records
  • GM of Roadrunner Records US
  • Label Manager NY of Greenworld Distribution


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, PROJECT MANAGER,  FREELANCE                             NEW YORK NY  5/2010 - present
Recent projects include “Concacaf Winner’s Health” Documentary PSA series and “Barbara Walters Year End Special”. Perform various administrative functions as a production executive. Additionally work with codewriters and developers to pitch  games and apps.

GENERAL MANAGER of ANDALE/TUFF CITY                                                       NEW YORK NY  12/2008 - 2/2010
Content acquisition, specifically catalogs for administration and distribution deals. Oversaw assembly,packaging, marketing and distribution of product. Pitched and placed music for film, TV and advertising usage. Coordinated the expansion of sales into European territories. Utilized several companies in creative, non-exclusive deal structure to engender cohesive distribution system.
AGENT / IN HOUSE PRODUCER for AESTHETCOM                                                NEW YORK NY  1/2006-12/2008
Agent /Account Executive and project manager/producer for video production and new media house. Cultivated steady stream of entertainment clientele. Scouted and contracted exclusive talent pool of codewriters directors, camera crew, motion graphic artists and other creatives. Added new products to our range of offerings, including widgets, games, and mobile apps. Profit from my account base carried the company bottom line for the years of my employment.
OWNER of FAST LANE MANAGEMENT                                                                      NEW YORK NY  9/2003-11/2005
Served as consultant for entertainment entities, with heavy focus on customer service to expedite transactions. Licensing of artists or labels, US marketing efforts for Euro labels, traffic and administration of production and creative services. Represent songwriters and session musicians. Pitch and sell songs, arrange collaborations, recording sessions, and live bookings. Assisted clients in maximizing revenue while staying within their allocated marketing and advertising budgets.
SR. VP/GM for BLACKHEART RECORDS/CARIANNE MUSIC                                    NEW YORK NY. 9/1998-6/2003
Managed recording label and artist Management Company. Served as liaison to funding parent company, Mercury Records. Acquired more than 16 boutique labels for P&D deals within 6 months, generating product and cash flow at least doubling that of company upon entry Handled marketing, public relations, sales and production. Created and implemented action plans for the successful release of new product, as well as to maintain ‘bread and butter” sales on legacy releases.

OPERATING OFFICER for NEXT PLATEAU ENTERTAINMENT                                  NEW YORK NY 1/1997-8/1998
Handled daily operations of independent record company. Organized A&R, marketing, sales and creative services departments.  Implemented new managerial strategies, doubled product flow. Supervised staff of six.

PRESIDENT of FLYING RECORDS US                                                                   NEW YORK NY   2/1994-11/1997
Secured U.S. funding and distribution deals. Acquired product rights for manufacture of four to six recordings monthly. Expanded product line to include clothing and DJ accessories (flight cases, headphones, microphones, turntables.) Responsible for the training and supervision of staff of seven.  

FOUNDING PARTNER, VP/GM of MCA/MECHANIC RECORDS                               NEW YORK NY   10/1988-1/1994
Co-founded small record company with two partners, and acquired funding and distribution from MCA Records during Irving Azoff administration.  Released four to eight recordings annually, each of which sold at least 250,000 units. Developed second company with self-funded manufacturing, distributed through RED.  Acquired 30 titles for launch.  Gained funding and distribution for product through MCA, BMG, RCA, Warner Bros, Reprise, RED, and ADA.  Supervised staff of six.

GENERAL MANAGER of ROADRUNNER RECORDS                                              NEW YORK NY    9/1985-10/1988
Founded U.S. offices for Netherlands based record company.  Gained historic sales and publicity coups resulting in the company's early success, and deals which generate consistent inocme.

LABEL MANAGER of  GREENWORLD DISTRIBUTION                                            NEW YORK NY    4/1983-8/1985
Entered as salesman and was immediately promoted to NY label manager.  Handled publicity, production and tour coordination.

Recording: Work in recording facilities as assistant studio manager and recording room assistant. (Electric Lady Studios, NY)

  Published work includes music satire column and fictional works.  (Dazed and Confused Magazine U.K. and Waddell, Ltd.)

Promoter:  Host, book venue, live performers, MCs, DJs, featured guests, sound engineer, lighting specialists and backline. Negotiate sponsorships and advertising, design ads, tickets, merchandise, organize street teams, sniping and promote regularly occurring event. (Holly Lane Presents "Just Another Hellhole", "Rumba on B")