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“Holly is one of the most active and energetic people I have had the pleasure to work with. Her strong work ethic is self-evident in the mass of information she collects, digests and shares with the team. Together we took a concept from a seed of an idea to a full product offering document and implementation plan. I welcome working with Holly on any project that we share a passion for!”
- George Vanous, Partner, fromAnywhere.com

“Holly has put passion, expertise and hard work into all of the projects we have worked on together. Her attention to detail and desire to get it right the first time are just a few of the many things that make her a joy to work with. I look forward to working with Holly in the future and she would be a valuable asset to any organization.”
- Vincent Hartong, Sr. Manager, In De Goot Entertainment

“Holly Lane is one of the most knowledgeable, versatile and talented people in the business. I learned a great deal about the inner workings of the music business from Holly, and I still solicit her advice and input regularly. Holly is rare in that she is always eager to learn and employ new technologies and new methodologies, unlike so many who are stuck in the past. As such, you get the best of both worlds: someone with tremendous experience and knowledge who's willing to embrace new ways to conduct business.”
- Regina Joskow, Publicist, Missing Piece Group

“I worked with Holly directly on many sub-distribution transactions that she sourced and brought to Blackheart Records (which was distributed by Mercury Records at the time). She obviously understands the nuances of the music business and has a strong network of relationships. She's great to work with!”
- David Fritz, Senior Associate, Grubman Indursky & Schindler

“Holly is the best!!! She is not limited to any aspect of the Entertainment Industry from top to bottom!”
- Jacki Phipps, The Directors Guild of America

“Holly is a very reliable and hard working go-getter. Her genuine enthusiasm and thriving energy help her to achieve excellent results in a relatively short time span. Holly is a cost conscious and creative organizer and would make a valuable addition to any team in search for an experienced individual with advanced knowledge of youth culture in a digital age. 
- Ric Urmel, Owner, Megadisc Recordings

“Holly is an indispensible asset to Aestheticom and the top level service and results we delivered to our clients, from Sony to Marvel to Universal, Warner Bros., EMI and many others. Her knowledge base and various capabilities create a very valuable talent key to the success of many of our projects, I couldnt recommend her more.”  
- Bill Schacht, Founder and CEO,  Aestheticom

“Holly is the consummate business professional. Her attention to detail and her work ethics are second to none. A pleasure to work with and a true team player.”
- Stephen Brownlee, Director of Business Development, SoundSearch

“I've known Holly Lane for more than a quarter of a century. She has been at the forefront of what is new and noteworthy in this ever-shifting business landscape. Her follow-up is impeccable and its a toss up whether I want her working on my direct team or with my team as an outside agency or independent contractor. I surely don't want her working for the competition!”
- Brian M. Bacchus, VP, Antiles Records, Island Records
“Holly is top notch, and she was instrumental in getting a deal solidified between MVD and Carianne/Blackheart back in the day.  We have subsequently worked together on a number of different projects and I recommend Holly for whatever endeavor she pursues."
- Ed Seaman, GM, MVD Entertainment Group

“Was a major active contributor to our company in all facets of operations, including marketing, strategic direction and creation of new business opportunities through her enormous contact base.”
- Eddie O’Loughlin, Owner, Next Plateau Entertainment

“Holly is an incredibly intelligent, insightful, dedicated, and loyal business professional. Her ability to maximize new business platforms as well as her attention to detail make her an asset to any company.”
- Kathy Nizzari, President, NAM Management

“I had the pleasure of working with Holly years back. It was such a great experience that we've kept in touch over the years. She's all the things any company would want: honest, organized, passionate and an absolutely amazing person to work alongside.”
- Janie Hoffman, Owner, atp. all things possible

“Holly was a great asset to me and our company; extensive knowledge of the industry, hard-working ethics, business smarts and passion for the job made her contribution invaluable and her participation highly appreciated. - Manlio Narici Director, Project Management, New York Blood Center

“Holly was a great asset to the team, hard working and focused.”
- Patrick Kelly, Designer, Creative Bubble

“Holly takes an active, efficient and dedicated interest in her work that includes that of the talent she works with and hires. I met Holly at The Director's Guild.”
- Anna Wilding, Director, Carpe Diem Films

“Holly is an expert at evaluating the big picture, organizing the details, and building plans in accordance with an enterprise's requirements and goals. She is as personable as she is professional, as flexible as she is realistic, and as meticulous as she is efficient. A truly outstanding manager and overall person.”
- Michael A. Mitchell, Head of Creative Services, Tufamerica, Inc.

“While Holly is an all-around professional in most every way, what stands out is her dedication to the task at hand. She works diligently towards her goal, approaching obstacles head on and moving past them. She is a delight to work with, not only by maintaining a positive attitude and sense of humor through the hard work, but also by making sure she comes up with her share of the result. I would recommend Holly for any job she puts her mind to, and am confident she would be a valuable asset in any position she is given.”
- Joseph Becker, Esq., Solo Practitioner, Law Offices of J.R.Becker

“Holly Lane is the consummate professional; one could not ask for a sharper intellect. Reliable and trustworthy, Ms. Lane exceeds all expectations and accomplishes what others rarely even imagine.”
- Katherine Zavartkay, Channell Communications Inc.
"I am most pleased to write this recommendation.

I am a retired attorney at law licensed to practice in the State of New York. My practice was primarily in the area of music, records and artist management. I first came across Holly Lane in approximately 1984 when she was employed by Greenworld Distribution. Several of my clients had records distributed by Greenworld. To the extent I required information concerning my clients such as sales figures, how to contact them while on tour, information pertaining to records sold and/or distributed, current radio play, their scheduling and availability to accept newly offered engagements to perform I would call Holly. When I first met up with Holly she was a sales person. She did receive a promotion and she was appointed label manager. Holly always seemed to be the one person at Greenworld who was on top of everything and had all the information that should be available from a record distributor. Above all, Holly followed the industry and massively circulated. If I needed a contact in her areas, Holly would arrange an introduction.

In 1985 Cees Wessels, my client, opened up Roadrunner Records, Inc. I recommended Holly Lane to Cees. She was interviewed and hired as chief operating officer. During her tenure at Roadrunner Holly was always the first one in the office very morning and the person who turned off all the lights in the evening. From nothing Holly created a well functioning company and laid the base for what today is arguably the leading independent record label in the world operating in the area of heavy metal and hard rock. Holly continued to circulate in the music industries and she continued to build up a repertoire of people she knew in all areas of the music and record business.

In autumn of 1988 Steve Sinclair and I decided to open up Mechanic Records. We approached her and signed her on as vice president and general manager, shareholder and partner. Holly had previously advised Cees Wessels that she would be leaving. At it's zenith Mechanic Records had about 8 employees. Holly supervised the employees, opened the office in the morning, closed it at night. In approximately early 1995 Holly left Mechanic Records. The record industry was in one of its downturn periods and Mechanic has lost the ability to grow. Holly wanted to grow, and went on to run a successful label and distribution company. Sinclair and I shortly thereafter sold the company.

I gave you some of the detailed background to show I worked with Holly Lane and know the subject matter of this letter. Holly would be an extremely valuable asset to any employer in the entertainment industry. First, she would commence meeting and talking to people who had the possibility of being of future value in her work. Second, Holly has always been a very successful manager of people and usually while supervising her employee she rapidly learns to do her employee's work better and faster than her employee. Holly works extremely well when she works independently and is equally superb as a team player when part of a group. If need be Holly will take the bull by the horns and runs with the bull. Holly is one who rarely if ever does not achieve timely results when working with a deadline. She knows what a budget is and in my experience with her she always managed to work within the framework of the budget given to her.

To my mind a great Chief Operating Officer is a description of Holly Lane. I sincerely recommend her."

- Jules I. Kurz, Doctor of Jurisprudence